In 1997, Oakland began an Estuary planning process, and the Fifth Avenue Point community recognized an opportunity to work toward restoring the tidal zone and beach bordering  Fifth Avenue Point.  In August of that year, in honor of Biodiversity and Endangered Species Week, a nature walk and discussion of the eco-fate of the Fifth Avenue Point was organized.  City Council members, planners and Port authorities were presented with detailed information on resident endangered species and a community drawn plan for restoration of their habitat. 

Before these plans could be implemented, a boat salvage operation caused a fuel spill, fouling the tidal environment of the Clinton Basin and Fifth Avenue Point.  Collaborating with BayKeepers of Northern California, a settlement was reached with the Port of Oakland.  The community directed the environmental restoration project engaging the Port of Oakland, the Bay Conservation and Development Commission and Save the Bay in September 2000.  Instrumental in the restoration of the beach and its designation as a wetlands preservation area in perpetuity, the Fifth Avenue Point community now monitors the area on a continuing basis. 

Wetlands Restoration