Nestled on 5-1/2 acres of private land between the I-880 Freeway and the Oakland Estuary is a small community of artisans and craftspersons.  Some of the buildings are 100 years old -- artisans have been there 45 years.
Our Mission

Defined by the creativity of the Fifth Avenue Point artisan community and more than a century of waterfront history, our mission is to preserve artisan communities, reuse historic buildings for art space and encourage art, crafts and music in neighborhoods.

Our Vision

A future where arts,  crafts and music performances are a vibrant part of Oakland’s urban scene; where residents experience arts and crafts first hand in a local historic context; where next generations can learn of work alternatives offered by local artisans and craftspersons.

Our Community
The Fifth Avenue Point community organized in 1997,  becoming aware of the need to be strategic rather than ad hoc in approaching the future of the neighborhood.  The nonprofit Fifth Avenue Institute was formed and obtained a 501(c)(3) status, making it possible to
  • acquire and restore historic structures for art space
  • support neighborhood artistic endeavors,  open studios and street fairs
  • expand the Boathouse Concert series

If you are interested in supporting the mission and activities of the Fifth Avenue Point Community, visit the Fifth Avenue Institute page.
Fifth Avenue Point
An Urban Waterfront Community